Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do we get there?

You can drive from Johannesburg (approximately 4 hours), or you can fly into Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (MQP) which is a 45 minute flight from Johannesburg. From MQP it is a 90 minute or so drive to Marloth Park and the house. You will need to either rent a car or arrange private shuttle. (See helpful links section). Having a car locally is almost mandatory, as everything is a drive away. However, if you really don't wish to drive it's possible to get a car service, and to have a safari company pick you up for tours into Kruger.

What do we need to bring with us?

All of the basics are there: bed linens, towels, cleaning supplies, soap, and we even provide a basic starter kit of essentials such as bottled water, milk, coffee, beer (and yes, I consider beer to be an essential). However this is strictly self-catering, so you will need to stock up on food and drink either in Komatipoort (large "Spar" supermarket with almost everything) or in the little Marloth shopping center inside the gates, which has a somewhat limited grocery store, a liquor store, butcher's shop etc. Food and drink (in stores and in restaurants) throughout South Africa in general are substantially less expensive than in Europe or North America.

Is it safe?

Well, TIA - this is Africa! Though generally outside of the big cities South Africa is very safe (as a single woman I'm not afraid to travel alone), but theft is sadly common. That's why there's a security system at the house. Please lock up and set the alarm each time you leave. Don't leave easy-to-steal valuables lying around (cameras, phones, laptops), and lock your car wherever you go.

What if we need help with something while we're here? You live so far away!

You can always call or text me on 202 394 9852. You can also call or text the local property managers, Mike and Merle Bucknall, on 27 (84) 319 7300. They live about 20 minutes away. If you have an emergency, call Field Security directly (they are 5 minutes away) or hit the panic button on the security remote. The reference book at the house also contains contact info for electric issues (again, TIA!), water issues (ditto), pool maintenance, and even some numbers for locals who are friends of mine who can help in a pinch.

What if we have additional questions?

Please email any additional questions direct to me via the "contact us" form on this web page.