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private guided tours into Kruger

Private guides are licensed and accredited to bring visitors into Kruger in open-air vehicles. Many are ex-park rangers, and all know an incredible amount about park history, ecology, and of course the wildlife. Trust me, they are well worth the modest cost. The ones listed below will do half or full day game drives, and pick you up/drop you off from our house. All 3 are excellent, reliable, and knowledgeable.

Chase Kurucz at Chasin'Africa (photo of Chase, above, from his site),

Kerry Balaam, Kruger Pride Safaris,

Jan Oosthuizen, Sentashya Safaris,

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SanParks morning walks or evening drives in Kruger

The walks are the only way to actually get out of your car in Kruger Park because you have two trained rangers with guns to protect you. It's also a lot of fun.  The night drives are also special because even if you stay inside the park overnight, as an independent tourist you are not allowed to drive outside the SanParks camps after sundown, so this is your only in-Kruger night-viewing option.


Croc Bridge bookings

self-guided walks or drives within Marloth Park

There are no buffalo, rhino, or elephant in Marloth Park. That's a good thing, as you can walk about safely during the day. But Marloth borders the river/Kruger Park, and the path along the river border fence to Kruger often allows people to view many of the "Big Five".  You will almost always see elephant and hippo in/near the river, as well as crocs. There are many other interesting species to encounter within Marloth just by walking along its roads.  Note that while there are theoretically no lion or leopard in Marloth, it is possible for them to sneak in from the park over the fence by climbing trees. For that reason, you should not walk about after sundown. Driving after sundown is fine.

lunch or dinner at local restaurants

There are a few restaurants inside Marloth itself. My favorite hands down is the restaurant at Phumula Lodge (photo above), . Great food, laid back, and just truly great people (staff and patrons). Inside AC as well as lovely open-air dining, a 10 minute drive from Cameron Cottage, almost opposite the Marloth shopping center. In Komatipoort, there is Tambarina (great prawns) and The Stoep for all-round good food and friendly service.

Phumula Lodge and Restaurant

microlight flight (expensive but fun)

It's pretty much over before you know it, but what a thrill to take off in the open air, and look down on giraffes. It's expensive, but if you don't mind a splurge, you really have to try it! There are flights out of the Kwa Madwala Reserve, about 45 minute drive,, and also private flights out of the Leopard Creek private airstrip, also about a 45 minute drive.

Kwa Madwala

elephant encounter/ride

Elephant-back ride and interaction at a local reserve. This is quite expensive for what it is, but if you haven't gotten up close with elephants before, it's worth it. These elephants were raised in captivity with love, not cruelty. NOT to be confused with wild elephants who are very unpredictable! The reserve is a 40 minute drive from Cameron Cottage; reservations are a must.  My daughter would give it more than 2 thumbs up if she had more thumbs!

Kwa Madwala


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Crocodile Bridge Activity bookings: camps/croc_bridge/

Recommended local restaurants:

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